Celebrating 43 Years of Gymnastics Excellence and Children's Fitness!!
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  • You already have the Go For Gold these are the dates per location: Innsbrook May 10, Trade Road May 17, Hanover May 18, Chesterfield May 31
  • Join the Richmond Olympiad Sunday May 25th at the Flying Squirrels
  • FUN & FIT – The Olympiad's annual Fitness Festival will be held in February. This is a great opportunity for our students to participate in many activities that encourage fitness while having a great deal of fun!
  • BDAY PARTY – Are you bored of Chuck E Cheez' Birthday parties? Call and schedule your child's birthday at the Richmond Olympiad. We provide your child and their friends with fun, games and gymnastic activities and the best part is all you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the party.
  • GO FOR THE GOLD - In May & June we will award every student that has attended all five (5) installment sessions a beautiful gymnastics trophy. This is to show our thanks to those students who began taking gymnastics in September and continue through June. We are committed to getting your child committed! This beautiful trophy is presented at our year end "Go For The Gold" show.
  • PROGRESS REPORTS – During the 5& 6th week of this installment your child is receiving a progress report, explaining how they are responding to the Olympiad's program and working in their group. Each student is also awarded a participation ribbon for a job well done on the 7th week of classes.
  • SAFETY – Parents please supervise nonparticipating siblings during your child's class time. It is very unsafe for parents and children that are not enrolled in classes to be in the gymnastics area, parking lot area and in office areas unattended.
  • DRINK LESS SUGAR – An extra soft drink a day gives a child a 60% greater chance of becoming obese. Experts have long believed that sweetened drinks are contributing to the rising obesity epidemic among children. Make water the families drink of choice.

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Chesterfield Airport Chesterfield Airport
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Chesterfield Airport: (804) 275-7986
Hanover: (804) 550-3319
Innsbrook: (804) 346-9089
Trade/Southside:(804) 794-2813

"Making a Difference in the Life of a Child"

What makes a gymnast?

The Richmond Olympiad has been serving the Richmond area children with quality gymnastics for 43 years. Our world class staff of professionals provides outstanding instruction. The staff has improved the fitness level and lifestyles of thousands of children. "We are gymnastics and fitness service professionals! Every action we take, every judgment we make is for the welfare of our children and families."

"Where Every Child is a Champion!"

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Our Mission:The Richmond Olympiad is committed to:
  1. Serving our children and familes
  2. Providing a fun, positive and rewarding experience for children in the Richmond area.
  3. Providing the most creative and technical training methods available in the country.
  4. Provide gymnastics and fitness instruction for children of all capabilities.
  5. Provide clean safe facilities for our children and families.
  6. Enhance self esteem through praise, recognition and success.
  7. Honesty, integrity, and hospitality.
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